First time float orientation


Making the most of your session

DO NOT FLOAT if your hair has been recently dyed or if you are menstruating.  Please reschedule your float if  either of these situations apply to you.


You will be required to wash thoroughly before your float, so avoid perfumes, essential oils, heavy make-up, and excessive hair products. It helps to dress casual, if you can, as you will be taking two showers with us, one before and one after your float session. 


A bathing suit is not necessary or recommended.  This is a personal and private experience, most people don't wear anything in the pod. 

Don't Shave 2-4 hours before your float.  Freshly shaved skin as well as anywhere the skin is scratched, broken or sensitive will sting for a few minutes when you get in.  We recommend bringing and applying a small amount Vaseline or liquid band-aid to sensitive areas.

Dietary consumption and consideration can be summarized by moderation.  You can eat before your session.  Be aware that if you have a heavy meal you could spend a lot of the time listening to your digestive system.  If you are very hungry you could spend a lot of time listening to your digestive system.  

Ear plugs is an option but not necessary.  If you choose to use ear plugs it helps to insert prior to shower and ensure they are tightly sealed. If you do not use ear plugs thoroughly rinse your ears for 5-10 seconds each to remove excess salt.

Avoid getting salt in your eyes.  We highly recommend taking the provided hand towel into the pod and placing it on the shelf next to the spray bottle with fresh filtered water.  Other things to be aware of that will help minimize getting salt in your eyes is enter the pod slowly to avoid splashing.  Try to not tilt your head for side to side while floating.  If you do get salt in your eyes it will sting, don't panic.  Use the provided spray bottle of filter water and the hand towel to dab and rinse your eyes. 

Experiment with the positioning your body in the pod.  You can try hands behind head, on your chest, along your sides. If you have tension in your neck you can relieve it by clasping your hands behind your head or using a head float.  Find positions that are comfortable for you.

At the end of your float session, soft music will begin to play.  Slowly exit the pod and proceed to the shower.  Shower thoroughly once again, this time to rinse and remove all excess salt.